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When and where do you practice?

When do you practice? #

Rapids Archery JOAD meets in three sessions throughout the year. The winter session runs from January through the end of March; the summer session runs from the end of May through the beginning of August; and the fall session runs from September to the beginning of December. The winter and fall sessions are indoors and the summer session is outdoors.

Our indoor sessions are broken into two groups with each group meeting for 1½ hours each week. The emphasis with the first group is on basic skill development using the 11 National Training System (NTS) steps. Archers in the second group are members of the Bandit Team or more advanced archers who have mastered the NTS at a level that allows them to begin refining their form and competing at a higher level.

Where do you practice? #

We meet at Rapids Archery Club. The address is 1255 133rd Ave NW in Andover, MN. The club is directly east of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office on the road to the Bunker Hills Dog Park and the county’s compost site.

The fall and winter JOAD sessions meet inside the archery building. Parking is available on the west side of the building. The summer session meet outside on the practice range which is directly east of the archery building. There’s a parking lot adjacent to the practice range. The entrance to the lot is past the archer building on the left.